TMG Book Effective Communication Skills for Work

Effective Communication Skills for Work 

Effective Communication Skills for Work

Communication has been dealt with in the context of simple means of communication such as telephone and telegraph from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, when it came into use as a concept and defined as the exchange of messages between individuals through these means.This simple definition, which has been made since the past, has been the basis for the fact that the point of view of communication phenomenon is equally simple. It has been observed that the first views about what communication is and how it works are mostly based on either face-to-face communication between individuals or communication sciences performed by means of interpersonal communication such as telephone and telegraph.Over time, it was understood that communication did not proceed smoothly, and it was found that various dynamics passed through more complicated paths than believed by the elements and factors. Many definitions have been put forward by researchers and scientists.Charles H. Cooley, for example, describes communication as "a mechanism in which human relations exist and develop" and draws attention to interaction between people.According to Taymaz, "communication is an exchange of knowledge, meaning, emotion, and thought among social sciences". As it is understood from the definitions, all kinds of exchanges between the units of the society can be ensured through communication. A communication process that cannot be established or misconducts between the two units impedes the flow of information, meaning, emotion, and thought. 

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Effective Communication Skills for Work
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